Have you ever . . .

taken your child to a pet store or zoo where they beg you to stay longer to see, touch, hold and learn more about the animals?

Learn more about each animal's history, origin and lifestyle while Carrie teaches you how to provide the appropriate environmental conditions like temperatures, sunlight, caring, housing and the correct diet for each exotic animal.

Animals you will touch & Learn about . . .

* We have a variety of animals from Africa, South America, Asia and Australia including:

* Reptiles - snakes, leopard & crested geckos, pygmy, Jackson, Fischer & Veil chameleons, tortoises, turtles, bearded dragons, iguanas and uromastyxs.

* Insects - caterpillars, butterflies, moths (seasonal), preying mantis, tarantulas and stick bugs.

* Amphibians - many species of frogs and salamanders.

* Furry friends - exotics incuding chinchillas, bunnies, guinea pigs, and much more !

Best of all . . .

Carrie is a photographer with over 26 years of professional experience. CDs of all photos with you and the animals will also be available.